Monday, April 16, 2012

Project: Heart of Mary Design Debut ~ Cope

Measuring around 5" tall, this image is perfect for a family embroidered afghan, mantle scarf, or your own special project. 

New to the Catholic Embroidery Design Gallery - our Signature Heart of Mary design! Made to partner  our Sacred Heart Design, this Heart of Mary boasts the joy and sorrow of Our Lady in one beautiful and striking image.

This deep, rich red heart is wrapped in a crown of luscious roses in honor of Mary's Motherhood and title "Rosa Mystica", wounded with seven swords of Sorrows, and topped with a flaming Lily of Purity.

Just as soon as this new design was off the drawing board and digitized, it made it's debut into the world of embroidery on what couldn't be a better project: a handcrafted and custom-made Cope for a soon-to-be newly ordained priest. The final project is more beautiful than ever imagined, thanks to the talent of the Altarworthy seamstress and Our Lord's guidance within our workshops. We are privileged to have the Heart of Mary design serve as a beacon of Our Lady when all eyes are directed toward the altar in this unforgettable vestment set.

Handcrafted Traditional Latin Mass Vestment Set - Heart of Mary embroidered Cope.

Close up of cope hood

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  1. This is just gorgeous! What fine work---the cope and the embroidery is stunning. I enjoy seeing your work through this blog, please keep it going!