Friday, September 28, 2012

New Design: Lima Rose

Named after St. Rose of Lima, our new Lima Rose Design is as meaningful as it is lovely. The parallel between the symbolism of the rose flower and the name of St. Rose of Lima is hardly a coincidence. The rose has been used in church symbolism for centuries to represent the Holy Faith, Our Lady, martyrdom, and penance. For a woman dedicated to Holy Mother Church, living a life of self-martyrdom and penance, and who practiced a lively devotion to the Mother of God, the name "Rose" truly defined this remarkable saint from Lima, Peru.

St. Rose of Lima, pray for us!

“If only mortals would learn how great it is to possess divine grace, how beautiful, how noble, how precious. How many riches it hides within itself, how many joys and delights! No one would complain about his cross or about troubles that may happen to him, if he would come to know the scales on which they are weighed when they are distributed to men.” - St. Rose of Lima

Stay tuned for a new product, featuring this new posy - coming soon!

Monday, September 24, 2012

New! Embroidered iPad covers

Now fortifying home, church, and the electronic-world with the beauty of our Catholic Faith through stitches. Showcasing our new Crown of Wicklow design are our new 10' Embroidered iPad Covers! Made of black designer neoprene with a soft padded interior, these covers offer offer durability without bulk. Designed to be carried on it's own or inside your favorite bag with a full zipper closure, our covers protect more than your screen. Inspirational embroidery designs are combined with what could be called the simplest and most important "time management" mottos of all-time, offering visual reminders to the purpose of life and our work on earth towards Heaven.

Choose from two inspirational styles to make a perfect gift for that man, business associate, or mom-on-the-go in your life.  

  • Our Cross and Crown of Wicklow design with words, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloraim" (Traditional Latin Motto: All for the greater honor and glory of God) 
  • St. Benedict Medal (back) with motto: Ora et Labora (pray and work)

Friday, September 21, 2012

New Design: Crown of Wicklow

Inspired by the magnificence and closeness of earth to heaven in Glendalough, Ireland, this design is named appropriately, "Crown of Wicklow". The remains of St. Kevin's monastic settlement are nestled as churches, dwellings, and tombs within the breathtakingly beautiful Wicklow Mountains. We created this design in the hopes of conveying the triumph crown of heaven through the sufferings and trials of the Cross, as lived by the hundreds monks who followed St. Kevin into the wilderness. The yellow and blue jewels in this design stand for the colors of Wicklow, as flown in the flags of our own century, today.

This design can be found in our Online Gallery and would be perfect in application on totes, missal/book covers, afghans, and more. 

©Copyright, 2012. All embroidery designs, graphics, and images are the sole property of Precision Embroidery, LLC and may not be duplicated, shared, or reproduced in any manner without written permission.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Embroidery of Inishfree

While following the trail of the saints on the Emerald Isle, I happened to come across a little cottage in County Clare. It was a place where the smoky smell of fresh peat burning in the hearth mixing with the musty aroma of a traditional thatched roof gave a satisfying warmth to a cool morning.

"I've met some folk who say that I'm a dreamer
And I've no doubt there's truth in what they say
For sure a body's bound to be a dreamer, 
When all the the things he loves are far away."

It was a one-room, unpretentious cottage that perfectly reflected the simplicity of the Irish people. One could almost see a little Irishwoman dancing about the open hearth, making brown bread, puddings, and stew to feed to a soon-expected crowd of hungry men. 

"And precious things are dreams unto an exile
They take him through a land across sea
Especially when it happens he's in exile
From that dear lovely Isle of Innisfree."

Over all - this cottage was a specimen of suffering, poor Ireland that had been preserved for the modern world, lest anyone forget the trials of those who lived the life of persecuted for the sake of God and land. 

"And when the moonlight peeps across the rooftops
Of this great city, wondrous though it be
I scarcely feel the beauty or the magic. 
I'm once again back home in Inisfree."

The cottage door and a few small windows were kept open. And, if one didn't know any better, the gorgeous countryside beyond could easily be mistaken for the finest of paintings, drafted by the masters of landscape art. 

"I wander o'er green hills and dreamy valleys
And find a peace no other land could know
I hear the birds make music fit for angels
And see the rivers laughing as they flow."

A single candle burned beneath the only real framed piece of art in the room. It was a humble tapestry of primitive stitching and resourceful applique that came together to form the image of He Whose Heart bleeds for all men. While old and battered now, it clearly shows the Faith of the Irish - so often tested, but never stifled.  

"And then into a humble shack I wander
My own sweet home and tenderly behold
The folks I love around the turf fire gathered
On bended knees, their rosary is told."

If the Hand of God could be shown imprinted on this earth, I believe it would look like beautiful Ireland and her faithful people - on this beloved Inishfree.

"But dreams don't last though dreams are not forgotten
When we are back to stern reality.
And though they pave the footways here with gold dust
I still would choose the Isle of Inisfree."

*Inishfree, referred to by the poet Farrelly, represents all of Ireland.