Monday, September 24, 2012

New! Embroidered iPad covers

Now fortifying home, church, and the electronic-world with the beauty of our Catholic Faith through stitches. Showcasing our new Crown of Wicklow design are our new 10' Embroidered iPad Covers! Made of black designer neoprene with a soft padded interior, these covers offer offer durability without bulk. Designed to be carried on it's own or inside your favorite bag with a full zipper closure, our covers protect more than your screen. Inspirational embroidery designs are combined with what could be called the simplest and most important "time management" mottos of all-time, offering visual reminders to the purpose of life and our work on earth towards Heaven.

Choose from two inspirational styles to make a perfect gift for that man, business associate, or mom-on-the-go in your life.  

  • Our Cross and Crown of Wicklow design with words, "Ad Majorem Dei Gloraim" (Traditional Latin Motto: All for the greater honor and glory of God) 
  • St. Benedict Medal (back) with motto: Ora et Labora (pray and work)


  1. I wish I had an ipad to put in this! What a wonderful idea!

  2. OOhhhh!! Love this!! Now I just need an iPad (it's been on my wish list forever!) so I can order one of these from you!