Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jesus, Jesus Come to me!

"Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me; for the kingdom of heaven is for such." Matthew 19:14

Such words are remembered almost on a daily basis this spring! With over 35 orders for custom First Communion Handkerchiefs within a month's time gracing our workroom, we unite ourselves to so many First Communions all over the world.

But it's not just handkerchiefs that are used to commemorate the special days of little boys and girls - we are always thrilled to work with customer's special requests. One mother called us and asked if we could embroider our new Trefoil Chalice design on her daughter's dress.

Gold and silver metallic thread on top of the satin-white fabric, you ask? Stunning.

Congratulations to all of the children and adults who are receiving Our Lord for the first time. May all our communions be as sacred to us as that "first".

"Jesus, Jesus, come to me,
All my longing is for Thee, 
Of all friends the best thou art, 
Make of me Thy counterpart. 
Jesus, I live for Thee, 
Jesus, I die for Thee, 
I belong to Thee, 
Forever in life and death."

Friday, May 24, 2013

On the Road with Catholic Embroidery

Last month found our family and home-based business taking to the road. The St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Conference 2013 was the destination and purpose for packing up our wares for an other-than-internet display. This was our fourth consecutive year as conference vendors and our booth gets bigger and bigger with each year. :)
Such adventures bring with them much work - but more joy! Working together as a family in an "all for one, one for all" way is the best of bonding. This time found our shop-away-from-home well equipped with brother-haulers, sister decorators, a father planner, and a mother to supervise "catering". :) Even our dummy served it's purpose well!

Many of our newest products also made their debut at the conference, including these beauties:

Mother's Crown Handkerchief
Embroidered handkerchief with Cardinal Mindzenty's famous quote, "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world" in honor of mothers, everywhere.

Catholic Symbol Doilies
Adding a Catholic flair with classic style to homes (coffee tables, home altars, dining rooms, etc.)

There's no telling where Catholic Embroidery will take to the road next time. Maybe you'll see us in your neck-of-the-woods! 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off to Africa!

These lovely, crisp linens are on their way now through the [less-than-prompt] postal route from the USA to AFRICA! 

Two generous seamstresses donated their time and talent in the creation of these amices, purificators, lavabo towels, and corproals that will soon mantle the very altar of Our Lord's repose and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - in a mission church.  The good priest who runs the mission has seen such an increase in attendance over the past few months, that more Mass times are necessary to add on the regular Sunday schedule. In addition, an altar boy guild and Daughters of the Mission society are presently in formation, providing excellent activities in sports, carpentry, cooking, and sewing for the young members of the mission, under the direction of the pastor. What a joy to be able to be even the smallest part of this great work in the form of little embroidered crosses to this growing mission. :)

Interested in supporting this African Mission and learning more? Click here to donate through a safe and secure site and enjoy reading about the blessings your donation will provide to the care of so many souls.

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