Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Off to Africa!

These lovely, crisp linens are on their way now through the [less-than-prompt] postal route from the USA to AFRICA! 

Two generous seamstresses donated their time and talent in the creation of these amices, purificators, lavabo towels, and corproals that will soon mantle the very altar of Our Lord's repose and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass - in a mission church.  The good priest who runs the mission has seen such an increase in attendance over the past few months, that more Mass times are necessary to add on the regular Sunday schedule. In addition, an altar boy guild and Daughters of the Mission society are presently in formation, providing excellent activities in sports, carpentry, cooking, and sewing for the young members of the mission, under the direction of the pastor. What a joy to be able to be even the smallest part of this great work in the form of little embroidered crosses to this growing mission. :)

Interested in supporting this African Mission and learning more? Click here to donate through a safe and secure site and enjoy reading about the blessings your donation will provide to the care of so many souls.

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