Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Erin go Bragh - Off to Ireland!

As some of you may know, two of the Catholic Embroidery staff have been given an opportunity to go on pilgrimage to Ireland this month. Our travels will bring us to a variety of cities and destinations that include shrines, monasteries, and burial places of a host of Irish Saints, including St. Patrick, St. Ciaran, St. Brigid, and even Our Lady of Knock. We will be bringing all the intentions of all our customers and friends to these holy places. 

The Catholic Embroidery website will still function during our absence, with all orders being processed upon our return on September 4th. The blog will still be updated during our absence, so keep looking for more of the best in Catholic Embroidery - with an Irish flair. :) 

Go mbeannaĆ­ Dia is Muire duit - Gaelic for: May God and Mary Bless you

Asking the generosity of your prayers for our safe "voyage" and promising our prayers for you in Ireland,
Yours in Christ,
Mary Serafino

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