Thursday, December 20, 2012

Restoration Rectory - Royal Refectory

Next to the restoring the Fleur-de-lis office of the rector, what could be more important in a church property restoration than in tackling the refectory? A place where the community comes together daily in the spirit of good conversation, delectable food, and family-like conviviality, the refectory deserves to be a space well-decorated and comfortable. 

Working once again with a talented seamstress, the application of embroidery on custom drapery was carried out to perfection! 

We modeled the triple crown design after the crowns displayed in the wall paper and matched the colors appropriately. Instead of large sheets of fabric interrupting the flow of the room, the embroidery helped to tie everything together with a royal touch.

St. Francis de Sales, to this day, looks on in approval. What do you think?

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