Monday, May 28, 2012

For God and King! - New Vendée Cross Design

The Vendée Cross is perhaps, one of the most frequently forgotten symbols in the historical study of our Catholic Faith and world history. In fact, the secularization of society has warranted that the very men who fought under this brilliant image of heavenly victory and protection should be forgotten in an attempt to shroud the persecution of the Church & Catholic Royalists in French Revolution studies. But not so in Catholic circles!

Original Vendee Cross patch, often worn by Vendean soldiers to show for Whom they fought:
"For God and King!"

Our new embroidery design is made to replicate the original Vendée Cross designs that were stitched and penned by faithful French Catholics over 200 years ago, with a classic new take on an old look. The gold halo, which is often incorporated as a glow in Vendée Cross drawings is echoed in the use of bright gold metallic thread. And of course, an exact copy of the originally penned "Dieu le Roi" only furthers in solid stitches the indelibility of this phrase for time and eternity, "For God and King". 

Our New Signature Vendee Cross Design

From The War in the Vendée by George J. Hill:

On entering the battle, most of the peasants made the sign of the cross. They used to march with their rosary beads in their hands, and recite them as they went along. In the evenings, on halting for the night, the whole camp often joined in the same devotion. Before any great engagement, they heard Mass; and on capturing any town or village, they repaired to the churches. They were frequently known to kneel down on the field of battle itself, beneath a hot fire and in the very moment of success, on passing a wayside cross. Throughout the long and disastrous war with which their country was ravaged, the restoration of the Catholic faith was their one object; nor did they make peace till it had been attained. The very existence, therefore, of the Vendean army was a standing protest against the infidel spirit of the revolution.


  1. What an excellent idea Mary! This design goes so well with the movie "The War of the Vendee" released this year by Navis Pictures. I encourage everyone to go to their website and order a copy, it is MORE than worth the investment.

    An excellent full length movie featuring children of all ages. Totally believable and extremely well written.

    By the movie here;

    And order put this design on an article you could proudly display! Can it be made into a patch?

    Your Father.

  2. A lurker, revealed! Thanks, Dad, for touching on a major source of inspiration for this design.

    Vendee patches... Vendee Cross as a framable artwork... and even Vendee mantle scarves are all possibilities that can easily be made into reality. In fact, you might notice them in official website products, soon! :-)


  3. Can this be ordered as a patch to go on a shirt without the words or with custom words?
    This is also the symbol on the habit of St. Charles de Foucald.

    Thank you,
    Christopher Cleveland

    P.S. what are the dimensions (symbol alone, no words) and the price? (shouldbe all lower case)

  4. Very nice job. Beautiful.