Friday, May 4, 2012

St. Thérèse & First Communicants

"How sweet was the first embrace of Jesus! It was indeed an embrace of love. I felt that I was loved, and I said: “I love Thee, and I give myself to Thee for ever.” Jesus asked nothing of me, and claimed no sacrifice; for a long time He and little Thérèse had known and understood one another. That day our meeting was more than simple recognition, it was perfect union. We were no longer two. Thérèse had disappeared like a drop of water lost in the immensity of the ocean; Jesus alone remained–He was the Master,the King! Had not Thérèse asked Him to take away her liberty which frightened her? She felt herself so weak and frail, that she wished to be for ever united to the Divine Strength." ~St. Thérèse on her First Communion day, taken from The Story of a Soul

Catholic tradition holds that the prayers offered by a First Communicant while receiving the Blessed Sacrament for the first time will never be denied. Perhaps it's time to find a First Communicant this month and entrust them with our heavenward petitions!

An embroidered handkerchief for a very special First Communicant

"What about the boys?" One Catholic mother solved the answer to this question with a unique and subtle approach: embroidered ties. A small monstrance, initials, and date were all embroidered on this pewter tie in matching thread - a special remembrance for a special boy on his First Holy Communion.

Do you have a First Communicant this year in your circle of family and friends? 


  1. The handkerchief is so lovely and that tie is a great idea.

  2. I was so very happy with the Handkerchiefs that you made my girls. They are just beautiful!

    The tie is another wonderful idea!

  3. Love your blog and celebrating Catholic culture! Thank you! Mary M.

  4. What gorgeous work you do! I stopped by from Elizabeth Foss's...your creations are wonderful. I will be back again looking for gifts.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity and faith with us!

  5. All my eleven children have done their first communion. My last one Laurence did his on May 8, two years ago, on his eight birthday. St Therese also made her First Holy Communion on May 8. Our church is named after her. It was so special! Next year my oldest granddaughter will make hers, she is also our Godchild. I'll make sure to visit your shop to find something special for her.

  6. Ladies - Thanks for stopping by!

    Jessica - It's always a joy to send the work of our labors to the very heart of your home. Thank you!

    Louise - Laurence's First Holy Communion and the link to St. Therese on his 8th birthday is certainly truly Providential. And how fantastic that you now get to witness the same legacy of your own 11 First Communicants continue in the lives of your grandchildren!