Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New: Marian Lilies of the Valley Design & Afghan

"What better design to add to our collection this month of Mary than a new Marian design?
Introducing: Marian Lilies of the Valley

The blue and gold of Our Lady's initial come together in the folds of a cluster of lilies of the valley. One can almost see these bell-like white flowers toll as they surround the Queen of Heaven.

Queen of the Family Afghan
Combining our new design with the often forgotten addition to the Litany or Loretto, "Queen of the family, pray for us!" this afghan is the perfect way to honor Our Lady in the home and ask for her constant motherly protection on all within it's folds. For more details, visit Queen of the Family Afghan.

When introducing our new product, Elizabeth Foss, Catholic mother and author, appropriately writes: "perfect for chilly porch evenings in May, cold morning soccer games, and nights on the beach all summer."


  1. I love this one! Lilly of the Valley is one of my most favorite flowers. This is truly a beautiful combination.