Friday, February 8, 2013

Altar Cloth: Knights in Shining Armor

What do altar cloths and Knights in Shining Armor have in common?

It was such a delight to work on this altar cloth project with father and daughter as a surprise gift for a very special wife/mother on her wedding anniversary. The idea was to create a custom altar cloth commemorating the family's marriages - starting with the "foundation" of mother and father, including the recent marriage of their daughter, and leaving ample room for future marriages. This altar cloth would then be used for all family Nuptial and family-related Masses. The central feature of the altar cloth would not be, in fact, the marriage commemoration... but the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts of Mary.

On each end of the altar cloth, would be the Family Crests, embroidered in the striking colors of the authentic artwork of centuries gone-by.

To make this idea a reality, we embroidered the Hearts and Crests as applique pieces that will now be applied to the cloth in their respective places, by a talented seamstress.

While we wait for the final "finished product" images, we marvel at the love and care that went into creating such a project. This will truly be a timeless heirloom to follow a Catholic family's future in generations to come.

Interested in learning more about our designs in applique form? Check out this post for more!

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