Friday, February 1, 2013

Appliques: Embroidery in Portable Form

In creating an exclusive design gallery of uniquely Catholic designs, our objective to bring the beauty of the Church across the world reaches beyond the various products we've created and decorated with stitches. 

One of the most helpful mediums of custom embroidery is the form of the applique - a patch-like piece of embroidery in portable form. This is especially helpful for school badges, accessorizing, various sewing projects, and vesica designs for vestments and banners.  In the ordering of an applique, customers can choose from our design gallery, supply their own fabric for the background if they so desire (or choose from our stock fabrics), and determine the best border frame for the applique. It especially is helpful for quick sewing projects that would take too much time to ship to our workshop and return. 

Our appliques have even been known to adorn All Saints Day Costumes made by mothers and their children. Because of the finished nature of our appliques, they can be applied to be as permanent as you wish - pinning or sewing. 

The Sacred and Immaculate appliques below have been created with a special altar cloth in-mind... stay tuned for more!

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