Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Stella Maris Design

The second of our new designs to be released this week is off the horizon and safely docked in gallery harbor. (Sorry. Can't help the seaside metaphors that this designs has inspired!) Behold our new:

Stella Maris Design

As the Latin name suggests, this design is made to represent Our Lady under the title, "Star of the Sea".  

But with this symbolism in Our Lady's ancient title comes a second title, hidden within. The Star above the Marian "M" in this design is modeled directly after the Star of David - another title to which Our Lady derives devotion. 

Colors: Even in this design's color, we find symbolism! The ocean-full of blue-shades (literally) perfectly complete the metaphor of Mary -- always represented in blue - to the Ocean. Choose your favorite shade to compliment your project, or enjoy the triple color combination we created in outlining this seaside favorite.

For an outline project, consider gold or white, especially in the use of altar linens and palls.

Uses: This design is ready for any adventure - whether on a tote to carry, decorating your treasured missal cover, or accenting a special Marian vestment or linen set, you can be sure that the devotion to Our Lady will not be lacking in it's use!

Stella Maris Design © Catholic Embroidery, 2013


  1. God so often works in metaphors, and it's great that you can use them in embroidery! Another lovely design!